Have you ever seen what Google thinks writers look like...?

What a sad bunch we apparently are!

Hunched over computer screens, staring gormlessly and miserably in the darkness with only a single gloomy table lamp for company. And here's the worst thing: these could very easily end up as us if we're not careful! 

This is the image that has been given to us, this is the image that society perceives us to be, this is the ways have always been...

Until now.

Feeling well is the secret to writing well. 

And while I've always meant that to mean feeling good within yourself, it doesn't hurt to work on the exterior from time to time too. I don't have to tell you about the wealth of diseases being a writer can attract*...but being healthy on the outside also helps the inner work get a little more easier. So here's to:

  • Ending isolation
  • Ending depression
  • Promoting health and wellbeing

Why "Work It, Writer?"

Most fitness communities are focused on the goals of being skinny, over simply being more healthy and happy. There are no comparisons here - no weigh ins, harsh critique or peer pressure. There's simply you, your mission, and our method of helping you get closer to your mission.

The best part about a fitness community for writers is that there are tips specifically for the pain points most associated with writer's bodies and how to prevent them.

Sometimes it's easy to just forget the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. but with "work it writer" it's easy, fun and productive in more ways than one, so you get more done than you ever could have alone.


Are there any prerequisites?

Nope! Come exactly as you are. 

You don't have to be a certain height, weight or age to join this community...it's simply for anyone who is interested in a low-pressure, supportive place to focus on their health and their craft.

You don't have to be working on a certain type of writing work either. If you have a project you need to be inspired into action with, that's awesome, and if not, don't worry! There are loads of prompts to get you started even from scratch. I think that's everything...are you ready?!

Click the link below to get instant access to:

  • The Facebook subscription group + community
  • Qualified special guests
  • Personalised fitness plans to choose from
  • Daily writing challenges/prompts
  • Writing/fitness sprints every day at 5pm EST

*Although the advice provided in this space will be from qualified professionals, I personally am not a doctor nor a qualified fitness professional - and so this program is mainly for fun, and the love of healthy living. If that's okay with you, click the juicy green button!