Within each and every (tired, frustrated, lonely) writer, there is something I call a #wholewriter.

Inside each and every writer:

  • Who has ever been afraid to spread their message or use their voice,
  • Who has grown terrified of what people think, or how they are perceived,
  • Who has ever received abuse for their art,
  • Or has ever failed, 
  • Or has ever felt like giving up...is the person inside you who is not afraid. 

The person inside you who is still a dreamer, a romantic, and who is still creative as ever; who has never been harmed by criticism or negativity from others or your own troubled thoughts. A person who is strong and confident and perfect. THAT is your #wholewriter.

This person is lying dormant under the weight of your fear and your insecurities, and all you need is to protect and nurture your creative spirit, is to commit to regular and sustained acts of self care. 

By making it a lifestyle, instead of just practicing it when you are in the throes of stress or worry or "writer's block"...you'll drastically improve your writing life. 

The movement of self-transformation is for all, and it is free.

I hope to bring about the end of an era for the writers of the world who have ever felt alone... and the beginning of the self-care movement, the holistic health movement, the #wholewriter movement.

My ultimate dream is to help 10,000 writers become authors per year through this movement. I've always thought of the number 10,000 as the perfect challenge. It is epic and significant, yet perfectly do-able…with a little help of course. That's where you come in.

This is my invitation to you.

This is your chance to become part of an elite club of smart, independent authors who are dedicated to self-improvement in their writing and their lives. I want you to be part of that. I don't want you to miss the opportunity to say that you were here at the very beginning of this movement: the awakening and empowerment of creative writers all around the world.

So how do you "join", exactly? It's easy. But first: let's go through the rules about the person this movement is looking for.

If you know what activities you need to engage in mentally, emotionally and spiritually to feel good, do them often, and unapologetically. And in order to do it unapologetically, you need to call upon your inner strength by using this simple question:

What would your #wholewriter do?

What would you do if you weren't crippled by insecurities? What would you be writing now? What would you be sharing? How would you be living? (That's powerful, right?)

If you make it a lifestyle to ask yourself this question frequently, and then live according to the answers, you'll always be moving in the right direction in your creative life. You'll always know what to do. The question is meant to stir your intuition and remind you of your wholeness. And if you practice it enough, that powerful side of you will replace the small person you've been pretending to be.

If you feel inclined in the comments, let me know what your #wholewriter looks like. (Bonus points if you have any ideas on how to take the next steps in becoming that person...) And if you haven't already, don't forget to sign up to the newsletter, where the real stuff happens.

There is a person inside you who is not afraid. Live accordingly.

Stephanie Lennox is an award-winning author, keynote speaker, holistic writing coach and wellness advocate. She’s also the founder of The Authorship Program®, a 12-week immersive experience that helps writers conquer fear in their creative lives. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please share this post: