This post is simply to share a beautiful email I received recently.

Since starting this blog, and introducing people to the idea of the #wholewriter: your strongest, bravest, healthiest, most creative self, and the person within you who is not afraid, people have not hesitated to come forward and share with me some incredible testimonies to this philosophy that I continue to be humbled by every single day. 

(Okay, that was so wordy. I get wordy when I'm flattered.) 

What I'm trying to say is: emails, tweets, kind letters to my front door have arrived, even. People all over the world, telling me that THIS SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT, and when they believe in this person within them and take steps to awaken them, great things start happening in their daily lives and for their writing careers. 

I usually keep these notes private, but I got one so beautiful today that I had to ask for permission to share with everyone. This personally stirred my own soul, so I'm sure it will do the same for yours. This note came from Marcus Chatman, a long time social media friend of mine who has been interested in my writing from the beginning. Here it is in full. Take a breath in, because this is deep:

"Hello, how are you, well I hope. 

I was hoping I could spread a little wisdom and encouragement your way by sharing something I woke up thinking of this morning, I hope you don't mind. 

Did you know that Aristotle believed that, "of all human beings, the philosopher is the most God like in his activity and therefore the happiest and best, and that he who exercises his reason and cultivates it seems to be both in the best state of mind and the most dearest to the gods". 

With all the different occupations there are to choose from in order to make a difference in our society, I think it is important that we as writers understand our relevance and know what purpose we serve

It takes a certain amount of courage to put your point of view on display for the world to see and that in itself is commendable. 

I just wanted you to know that I appreciate your contribution and I look forward to seeing more from you soon."

And, exhale.

I am blown away by the fact that simply by sharing my thoughts in this vast internet space of ours, I've compelled other people to do the same. And share it with me. Someone I've never even met wanted to share such beautiful and inspiration words with me, and that is truly humbling.

That message was a work of art, not just for me but for all writers, artists and philosophers. And in honour of the words, I had to make it so. 

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