The chances of us even being born, and being exactly who we are now, and surviving to the point where you're reading this, are insane. 

The chances are astronomical, and yet here we are.

Acknowledging this, remembering this and staying aware of this to me, is the essence of spirituality. When you're grateful and know that you are protected and meant to be here in this wonderful, infinite Universe, you start to do great things. You strive to make your life meaningful and worthwhile through sharing your unique gifts, and when you do that, you pay homage to the larger forces that brought us to life.

Being creative and self-expressive is one of the best ways to prove your appreciation for your existence. - (Tweet this!)

I'd like to share the six spiritual guidelines I live by in my creative life.

1. Whatever you do, the universe will make it work for you.

There is no singular way toward your destiny, and even if you feel you've messed up somewhere along the line, you can't mess up your destiny. You haven't missed your shot at a creative life by being too young, or too old. You didn't miss the opportune moment, because another already arrived, just now. 

2. Nothing is wasted.

People usually say: "everything happens for a reason", but I don't think that's quite accurate enough, so instead I prefer to say nothing is wasted.

There may have been some events in your life that may not have been enjoyable, but their effect in your life was used to change or strengthen or educate you in a way that you would not have experienced otherwise. We'e all experienced THAT before, haven't we? That feeling of:

"Wow, thank God that thing happened or I wouldn't have got to _______________!"

Trust that the events in your life are always working towards your greater good, even if you aren’t able to see that right now. You never know what you might really appreciate about the "bad" event in future, because it either taught you something important, or led you to better things.

3. You have a purpose and are here for a reason.

Your overall purpose as a human being in general is to do what you can to expand upon and improve the human race. Then there is your individual purpose to fulfil, as well. 

This can be hard to remember when the bills are pouring in, you're stuck in a dead end job where you think you have no voice or you have absolutely no idea what to do next, or how it would make a difference.

Just know that if you stay open, the answers will be revealed in time. Even if it is in hindsight. As long as you remember point #1 and now #4 below...

4. Your inner guidance system always, always, always knows best

Your intuition is yours for a reason: to keep you on your path. Follow what feels right, and what comes easy and naturally. It doesn't have to make sense to anyone else but you. You don't have to explain yourself. This is the best way to respect the larger forces in your life, and it will allow whatever is destined for you to easily find its way.

5. Stay quietly confident.

You are the result of four billion years of evolutionary success. There are stars in your DNA. And as Linda Hogan said, “You are the result of the love of thousands.”

Stay mindful, stay grateful, and stay humble; you won’t get so bogged down by comparison, self-doubt, or insecurities.

6. Success and happiness have got to mean something incredibly personal to you.

They are more than just words, remember that. 

The Universe can lead you to them, but what is the point if you won't be able to recognise them when you get there? Would you be able to accept the gifts that life presents to you and walk away from envy and comparison of what others have? Do you have an end point so you can stop the constant anxiety and stress of pushing desperately forward?

What the Universe has in store for you (and knows that deep down you need the most) may not be the glitziest, most in-your-face thing. It might not even be the kind of success or happiness you imagined...

But that doesn't mean it isn't a blessing.

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Stephanie Lennox is an award-winning author, keynote speaker, holistic writing coach and wellness advocate. She’s also the founder of The Authorship Program®, a 12-week immersive experience that helps writers conquer fear in their creative lives. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please share this post: