Hi! I’m Stephanie, and this website is dedicated to giving you the support, clarity and empowerment you need to live your best creative life.

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It's a virtual personal development school, 3000-strong community and creative lifestyle hub about all aspects of the writing life, accented with my own personal experiences and growth in the creative industry.

My goal is to help you remove the insecurity and shame surrounding your destiny and lead you to better health, more success, a more lucrative career and unprecedented greatness in all areas of your life. But it wasn't always this way...

My Story


There was a time where, if I wasn’t fighting my own insecurities, I was fighting the all insecurities of others. In my head, there were all these questions like, “Am I good enough? Will I ever be good enough?”

Then there were people telling me that writing wasn’t a “real” career; that it wasn’t something I would be able to make anything out of, that I was fighting an uphill battle I probably wouldn’t win and that I should do something else.

Having people tell me to give it up was like telling me that I was useless, worthless, and didn’t have a place in this world. So I knew I either had to give up on the dream, or find a solution.

That's how The Authorship Program® was born.

I pulled my consciousness (kicking and screaming), through its own journey of self-transformation that freed me from fear and allowed me to finally connect with my destiny, write over 160+ stories, poems and plays, win national awards and feel confident and fulfilled in my work every single day. I did it for myself, and I can do it for you.

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The community


So many extraordinary events have lead me to where I am with the movement today.

Since the launch, The Authorship Program® has transformed into many other mediums including a popular weekly blog and a multimedia experience that aims to take over 10,000 writers on a journey to creative self-discovery, holistic wellbeing and authentic living. Not only that, but it sparked the movement that allowed me to create many other guides to the holistic writing life.

Stick with me and you'll get mental, emotional and spiritual guidance you can't get anywhere else, and the insights you need to become the #wholewriter you were destined to be.

This is the end an era for the writers of the world who have ever felt alone...and the beginning of the self-care movement, the holistic health movement, the #wholewriter movement. I can’t wait for you to join me.

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