Hi, I'm Steph. An author, speaker and multimedia producer by trade.



I spend my days writing (books, poetry, screenplays, digital series, other fragments and scribblings), yelling inspirational anecdotes at people, and getting paid for it. *gasp*

There was a time though, where if I wasn’t fighting my own insecurities, I was fighting all the insecurities of others.

In my head, I had the age old question to contend with (Am I good enough?), paired with society telling me that writing wasn’t a real career, that I was fighting a battle that I wouldn’t win and that I should do something else.

Having people tell me those things was like telling me that I was useless, worthless, and didn’t have a place in this world. So on a cold Monday morning, I decided that it was either time to give up, on my dreams of a career and on life, or find a solution.

I don’t ever want anyone to ever feel the same way I did on that day, ever.

  • I felt that I’d never find the health, wealth, happiness and success I’d always dreamed of through a career in writing (but I did.)
  • I felt like I would never feel free of the mental cost of being a creative, free-spirited human being (but I am.)
  • I felt like my creative work didn’t have any value or place in the world (but it does.)

Writers deserve to feel good about the work they do. It's a destiny, not a choice - one that you deserve to feel good about, enjoy the pursuit of, and live through without insecurity.

You can’t let your insecurities prevent you from living it. It’s self-harm. It’s pain. And it’s a pain that won’t ever go away unless you find a way to deal with it.

You’re welcome to use mine.


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